Kaimati za Sheera – Yeastballs with Icing

July 22 , 2015 by: Mbremmer Süßes

Kaimati (za Sheera) is another sweet delicacy of the Swahili coast. The small yeast balls, covered with fine sugar, are just as suitable for breakfast or afternoon tea/coffee as for dessert or midnight snack. No matter whether You prefer the version with a thick or a thin and slightly sticky sugar layer, Kaimati za Sheera is easy to prepare and to serve freshly.

Ingredients: (can be expanded as required)

1 cup of flour

1/2 cup of yogurt

1 tablespoon of butter or ghee

1 teaspoon dry yeast or half a cubic of fresh yeast

Oil for frying


1 cup of sugar

1/2 cup of water

1/2 teaspoon ground cardamon (for a change you can also take grated lemon peel)


To make the yast dough, pour all the ingredients (except the oil) into a small bowl and mix them. The result should be thick enough to avoid slipping between the (recommend: lightly oiled) fingers, but not too tight to be able to form balls and the like. If necessary you can add some more flour or water. Then place the dough covered for half an hour aside to let it rise.

In the meantime You can prepare the sugar. Therefore sugar, water and aroma are boiled for a short time in a small saucepan and then allowed to cool.

When the waiting time is over, the oil is heated in a wide pan, pan or wok. Then You add gently small portions of the yeast dough with a slightly wet hand. In order to get almost perfect balls, you need some exercise (see photo) – the decisive factor here is the consistency of the dough, the drop height and the amount of oil to dampen the impact on the pans floor. Then the heat is turned down and turned and turned carefully until golden brown. Finally add the hot Kaimati to the sugar syrup, let it suck and then dry.


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